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The Artist-Mother Paradigm: An Interview with Hettie Judah

"There is no artist mother paradigm. So, when I, as a middle-aged woman, make art, people assume it’s my nice hobby. They don’t take me seriously because it’s not a paradigm that we celebrate or that’s particularly visible, culturally. But being an artist mother is an identity that, once it’s articulated, people feel very strongly."—Hettie Judah, on the artist mother identity.
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Very Human Gods: An Interview with Manjari Sharma

"You need to watch your flame and tend to what it needs, because the light's going to go out otherwise. If you don't give it the right environment—give it burning oil, protect it from wind and so forth—then it's going to go out. Once it's out, you have to just sit around and wait till it gets lit again. You don't get lit on demand."—Manjari Sharma, on guarding your flame.
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