Not Working: An Interview with Josh Cohen

"When you give yourself over to the inactive state, you’re also giving yourself over to an internal roaming. Without that, there really isn’t a capacity for surprise, for discovery, for actually learning something new about yourself or the world."—Josh Cohen, in our interview about his new book Not Working.

Brilliant Failures and Second Chances

Failure is one of the top human fears, as explained by Paul Louis Iske at the Lean Startup Summit Europe 2018. Yet, if we can learn to position failure as a learning opportunity, we have a much better chance of creating a "brilliant failure" and to earn second chances.

The Independent’s Dilemma

I work for myself, which means my boss is a real bitch. She makes me work long hours, never likes anything I produce until I’ve revised it a thousand times (and maybe not even then) and, after all that, she’ll hardly ever pay me a compliment or let me relax on vacation. Is this what I signed up for?