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The Artist-Mother Paradigm: An Interview with Hettie Judah

"There is no artist mother paradigm. So, when I, as a middle-aged woman, make art, people assume it’s my nice hobby. They don’t take me seriously because it’s not a paradigm that we celebrate or that’s particularly visible, culturally. But being an artist mother is an identity that, once it’s articulated, people feel very strongly."—Hettie Judah, on the artist mother identity.
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Values as Stars to Steer By A review of Well-Being as Value Fulfillment by Valerie Tiberius

In her new book Well-Being as Value Fulfillment, Valerie Tiberius tries to address the question from the a life well-lived perspective of others; that is, how we can help others in a meaningful way beyond dispensing advice, wringing our hands at their dilemmas, or walking away in frustration when—according to us—they just won’t help themselves.
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